While building a website for a church I started searching for a plugin that would show a daily KJV Bible reading plan on the site. I also thought it would be great if it also included a widget that would show a snippet of the daily passage and then link to the full reading page. I could not find what I was looking for so I started the endeavor of developing one myself. Now I am distributing my own daily Bible reading plugin. Please use freely and modify to fit your needs. If you have recommendations I would love to hear them.

Update 2.1 is now available! – May 14, 2017

After much hard work, version 2.1 is now available. Many new requested features have been added which allow more customization of reading plans and presentation. I am also proud to announce two new shortcodes available to use: Passage Display Using Complex References and Random Verse.

About AMD Bible Reading Widget?

I have built this plugin to be the very best King James Version (KJV) Bible Daily Reading Plugin for WordPress. I have set forth to make this plugin very simple and easy to use. This plugin will generate one widget, “Daily Bible Snippet”, and provides support for four shortcodes [amd_bible_devo]; [amd_bible_daily]; [amd_bible_rand]; and [amd_bible]].


Version 2.2 amd-bible-reading-widget_2-2

Version 2.1 amd-bible-reading-widget_2-1

Version 2.0.1 amd-bible-reading-widget_2-0-1

Version 2.0 amd-bible-reading-widget_2-0

Version 1.0 amd-bible-reading-widget_1.0

How to Use?

This information can also be found after installed on you admin menu under AMD Settings -> About AMD

There are a few recommended steps to ensure that the plugin works correctly with your site.

  • Select Your Reading Plan:

    Navigate to AMD Settings, and set the ‘Selected Plan’ option. This will set the reading plan for the [[amd_bible_daily]] shortcode and the widget

  • Set Standardize References Option:

    Navigate to AMD Settings, and set your preference for the ‘Standardize CX References’ option. Leaving this option checked will force Complex References to become formatted before displaying on the front-end using the [[amd_bible_daily]] shortcode or widget.

  • Create a Bible Reading Page:

    Add a New Page, Name the page and enter the [[amd_bible_daily]] shortcode into the content and publish the page. There are 14 attributes that can be used to control how the passage is displayed. The defaults vary depending on the inline attribute. Please see the below section for default and accepted values:

    inline boolean false (set to true)
    limit integer (0=unlimited) 0 0
    limit_type string ‘words’ or ‘verses’
    show_book boolean true false
    show_chapter boolean true false
    show_verse boolean true false
    reference_before boolean true false
    reference_after boolean false true
    form_before boolean true false
    form_after boolean true false
    plan integer (Set in AMD Settings)
    day integer 1-366 (current day) can be overridden by the variable in URL, takes precedence over date variable in the shortcode.
    date a date string (current_date) can be overridden by the variable in URL.
    date_format string (valid date format) ‘D., M. j, Y’
    no_reading_text string There is no reading scheduled for this day. Use this day to catch up or read ahead.”
  • Add the Widget:

    Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets, and add the Daily Bible Snippet Widget to your selected sidebar. There are 8 options for the Widget.

    1) Select the Reading Plan to use for the widget instance.

    2) Scripture starts with Reference inline? When this option is checked, the scripture will begin with the reference. This is helpful if using a custom widget title.

    3) Use Reference for Title? When this option is checked, The title will default to the Reference for the daily scripture passage(s).

    4) Title: this input will be used as the title given that the reference is not used by the previous option.

    5) Limit Type: this will define how the passage is limited. The options are ‘words’ or ‘verses’. If the limit type is set to words, the last verse will most likely be interrupted, but the content will be more of a standard length.

    6) Limit: using the limit type in the previous option this option defines how many items to display.

    7) Full Reading Page: select the page created in the previous setup step. This will show the full daily bible reading utilizing the shortcode[[amd_bible_daily]].

    8) Read More Text: this input controls what text is displayed on the page linked to the previous setting. make sure to save your settings.

    Note: Some themes support sidebars differently and there are also plugins that will control where and how sidebars will display. I recommend SMK Sidebar Generator and Widget Visibility Time Scheduler

Displaying the Daily Devotional Morning/Evening

I have found Charles Spurgeon Devotionals to be very encouraging and uplifting and have decided to include them in this plugin by utilizing another shortcode. [[amd_bible_devo]] The steps to adding this into your content are very simple and can be done on any post or page. Simply add the shortcode[[amd_bible_devo]]into your content at the desired location. At this time there is no option to display a different devotion than the one that is current for the specific time of day and date.

Displaying a random verse

Random verses can now be displayed using the new shortcode. [[amd_bible_rand]] There are four main attributes that can be utilized to determine where the random verse is selected from:

ot – (boolean) when setting to true this will show verses from the old testament only

nt – (boolean) when setting to true this will show verses from the new testament only

book – (numeric or string: book name, or book abbreviation) when set verses will originate from selected book

chapter – (numeric) when set along with book attribute, this will determine from which chapter the verses will originate

most_read – (boolean) when setting to true this will show verses from a list of the top read 100 Bible verses from a study conducted by biblegateway.com

essential – (boolean) when setting to true this will show verses from a list of Bible verses essential to the Christian life. These verses cover the following topics: Victorious Life, Romans Road, Assurance, Baptism, Believe in Christ, Bible, Biblical Inspiration, Christ’s Sacrifice, Dedication, Friendship, Forgiveness of Sins, Guidance, Hell, Home, Law, Local Church, One Way of Salvation, Others, Peace, Principles, Problem Solving, Procrastination, Salvation without Works, Second Coming, Victory over Satan, Witnessing

Displaying Passages directly using shortcodes with complex references

Bible verses and passages can now be displayed anywhere shortcodes are accepted using the shortcode. [[amd_bible]]Your Reference[[/amd_bible] Replace ‘Your Reference’ with any simple or complex Bible Reference. (See reference examples below.) There are eight attributes that can be used to control how the passage is displayed. The defaults vary depending on the inline attribute. Please see the below section for default and accepted values:

inline boolean true (set to false)
limit integer (0=unlimited) 0 0
limit_type string ‘words’ or ‘verses’
show_book boolean false true
show_chapter boolean false true
show_verse boolean false true
reference_before boolean false true
reference_after boolean true false

Examples of shortcodes:

  • [amd_bible]]Psalm 1[[/amd_bible]
  • [amd_bible inline='false']]Psalm 1-3[[/amd_bible]
  • [amd_bible show_book=true show_chapt=true show_verse= true reference_before=true reference_after=false]]Psalm 1:1, 3-5; 2-4:2[[/amd_bible]

Note: It is possible to use a shortcode in a widget with Shortcode Widget

Editing Reading Plans

Complex and Custom Reading Plans are Here! It is now possible to edit existing Bible Reading Plans and even add new plans. Navigate to AMD Settings -> Plan Editor, and either create a new plan or choose an existing plan to edit. New plans cannot have the same names as existing plans. After creating the plan please add the plan details before selecting the plan in AMD Settings as the chosen plan. This will prevent your widget and shortcodes from displaying no passages. Plans can either use complex references or simple references (leaving complex references unchecked). With simple references there will be two input fields for each date, starting reference and ending reference. Only simple, single verse references can be used in this format. To easily indicate the end of the chapter verse ‘999’ can be used, for instance, ‘Genesis 4:999’ will show up to all of the verses in chapter 4 of Genesis. Book abbreviations can be used such as “Gen” for Genesis. With complex references, you have an additional option to upload a CSV file to easily and quickly insert your custom reading plan from your favorite source. CSV files must be comma delimited with no headers and column 1 being the day of the year, column 2 being the corresponding complex reference (or starting reference if a simple plan, and column 3 being the ending reference). Complex references can consist of varying diversities. See examples:

  • Gen. 1-3
  • Gen 1:1-10
  • Genesis 1:1-5, 7, 10; 2
  • 1King 1, 3, 4:5-9; 5
  • First Kings 2
  • II Kings 1; John 4
  • John 1:1, 2:4-10
  • Jude

Be sure to Save Changes before navigating away from the plan editor page or your changes will be lost. CAUTION! changing a plan from a simple to complex or vice versa and saving valid data will erase the alternate settings. You could easily erase an entire plan this way.

Restoring All Data to original

In order to restore all data to the original installation, you will need to delete the plugin and all associated data and reinstall. To do this before uninstalling or deactivating the plugin, you will need to check the “Delete Database Data” option. This will erase any custom reading plans you may have created.

What does AMD stand for?

AMD stands for A Master Designs. A Master Designs was birthed by a dream I had to fully support myself in the ministry serving the Lord as Paul was a tent maker. Currently, this dream has yet to reach fruition but is a work in progress. If I can be of any assistance to you please let me know. My skills involve graphic design, web development, PC support and repair, and overall tech guru. For more information, please visit my website at A Master Designs. A Master Designing for THE MASTER!

– Anthony Master


Version 2.1 Current

  • Added ability to edit plan description.
  • Added ability to delete plans but not default plans.
  • Added option in the widget to select a plan.
  • Added option for chapter number and verse number colors.
  • Added shortcode for direct passage using complex reference.
  • Removed 64001015 (3 John 1:15) empty verse from KJV Bible database.
  • Updated Database Version to 2.1.
  • Added ability to export plan as CSV.
  • Added option parameters to the daily reading shortcode and direct passage shortcode – see about AMD for more information.
  • Updated amdbible_get_plan function to return plan 1 if the given attribute in the function is not a current plan.
  • Adjusted amdbible_date_form function to work on pages where permalinks contain variables.
  • Added shortcode and widget for random verse or chapter of any chapter, book, or of the entire Bible.
  • Added ability to leave blanks on reading plans for days where there is no reading scheduled.
  • Updated About AMD page with revised instructions and shortcodes.

Version 2.0.1 – April 1, 2017

Warning: Updating to this version will delete any changes made to reading plans. Please make notes of custom plans before updating the plugin.

  • Updated Database Version to 2.0.1
    • Added Unique Constraint to p (plan) and d (day) on *amdbible_plans table to properly allow updating without creating duplicate entries
    • Updated incorrect abbreviations for Judges from ‘Jud’ to ‘Judg’
  • Updated amdbible_daily_passage function to stop after the first loop
Thanks to Denise Carlin for bringing this bug to light.

Version 2.0 – February 25,2017

  • Created Settings Pages
  • Created Plan Creator/Editor Page
  • Created About Page for directions of use
  • Enabled Complex References in Reading Plan

Version 1.0 Beta – October 18, 2015

Initial Release

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  1. I installed the plugin on my website and it works great.

    Thank you for making it available.

    Will you make updates available for new versions of WordPress?


    • I am currently working on version 2.0 to be released soon! Version 2.0 will add enhancements for custom Bible Reading Plans and documentation for daily devotionals.

  2. Hi

    This looks like just what I need for our church website.

    The pastor announced a challenge and handed out daily reading plan. Will the 2.0 version allow me to set up the custom daily plan?


    • Yes, Version 2.0 will allow custom daily reading plan as well as complex reading plans where each day can contain multiple references such as “Gen 1:1-3:5, 7; Ps 1:4-6, 10; Jude”

      • Version 2.0 is ready! Come Download the New Version and then uninstall and reinstall the plugin.

  3. I’ve been looking for a plugin like this to host a custom Bible reading plan on our church website. Is there a way to change the translation? Or change the code to point readers to a translation hosted on another site, like Biblegateway.com or similar site?

    • Christopher, this plugin is open source and you are free to download and modify this plugin to fit your needs of your site. However, I only use and support the KJV. It is the only version I will ever use in any of my posts, blogs, scripts, plugins, themes, or websites. I can direct you to some more information for getting the Bible into a mysql database format which can be found on ChristianForums.com at https://www.christianforums.com/threads/bible-in-a-mysql-database.2563196/. Have a look at my database structure for the bible table which will assist you in creating the proper table structure.

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