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    Q: Why is this plugin not listed in the WordPress repository?

    A: The initial version 1.0 was submitted to WordPress repository, but because this plugin contains all of the text from the King James Bible. The Authorized Version is in the public domain in most of the world. However, in the United Kingdom, the right to print, publish and distribute it is a Royal prerogative and the Crown licenses publishers to reproduce it under letters patent. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the letters patent are held by the Queen’s Printer, and in Scotland by the Scottish Bible Board. The office of Queen’s Printer has been associated with the right to reproduce the Bible for centuries, the earliest known reference coming in 1577. In the 18th century all surviving interests in the monopoly were bought out by John Baskett. The Baskett rights descended through a number of printers and, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Queen’s Printer is now Cambridge University Press, who inherited the right when they took over the firm of Eyre & Spottiswoode in 1990.

    There is a plan in the works to make version 3.0 of the plugin available to the WordPress repository by removing the included King James Bible and including it after the user installs the plugin by means of activation through the developer’s website (this site).

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